A mobile automotive locksmith is one that comes to you when you lock yourself out of your vehicle. This service is convenient, because you cannot open the door and start the car to go to a physical location without a key. Here, we’ll cover what a mobile locksmith is and some services they offer auto owners.

What a Mobile Locksmith Does

These individuals are specially trained and can help with just about any type of lock. They are like traditional locksmiths, only they specialize in vehicles. All of the equipment is brought with them, and these professionals unlock or rekey your auto on the spot. A mobile locksmith can help in a variety of situations including the following.

Vehicle Lockouts

By far, this is the primary reason people call locksmiths to get them back into their vehicle. With the equipment on hand, they can cut new keys right away or get you into it if the keys are locked inside of it. They also have gear to program keys onsite, so there’s no need to wait for them to bring a key back to you.

Trunk Unlocking

Sometimes, people might lock their keys in the trunk, making this another reason to contact a locksmith. They can help open your trunk, so you can reclaim your set of keys.

Replace Broken or Lost Keys

A mobile automotive locksmith can also come to the rescue if your key is misplaced or broken. They’ll cut a new key even if it’s a specialized one. The types of keys they help owners with through replacement include:

  • Traditional keys for older vehicles
  • Proximity keys
  • Transponder keys
  • Remote controlled keys
  • Chip keys
  • Smart keys

If a key is stolen or lost, locksmiths can program your new key to ensure that the missing one can no longer be used by someone who finds it.

Cylinder Replacement

If a key has broken off in the cylinder or the key you have doesn’t turn it anymore, a vehicle locksmith can replace the essential door lock cylinders on any vehicle. Once replaced, they can then rekey the locks for you.

De-Icing Frozen Car Doors

When outdoor temperatures drop low for extended periods of time, trapped moisture can result in frozen locks. This prevents owners from having the ability to get the key into cylinders to unlock the doors. This is a service offered by most traveling locksmiths.

One of the primary benefits of calling mobile locksmiths is their ability to provide emergency services 24/7. If you’ve accidentally locked yourself out of your vehicle or had your keys go missing, they can respond quickly, licensed locksmiths can fix the issue and get you into your auto in less than half an hour. No matter where you are in their service area, they will come to your location to offer assistance.

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