The Best Place to Stay and Get to Know Mexico 

Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world and the most populous outside of Asia. It is a vibrant place, made up of numerous neighborhoods, each with its own character. Exploring it means discovering a variety of interesting places in a single trip. 

As the main gateway to Mexico, the city offers a broad overview of the country’s political, economic and cultural life. 

While many visitors focus on its most famous sites, the city is also full of little-known corners that offer a unique perspective, often unknown even to locals. 

Why visit Mexico? 

Mexico is a canvas of unforgettable experiences. From the Mayan ruins in the Yucatan to the modern urban art murals in Mexico City, the country offers a continuous journey through its pre-Columbian past and its dynamic present. In addition, events such as the Day of the Dead, which is celebrated with colorful altars and festivities, showcase the country’s deep connection to its ancestors and traditions. 

Mexican food, recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, is another great attraction. Dishes such as taco al pastor, mole poblano and ceviche reflect the diversity of its gastronomy, each telling a unique story of its region. 

The Best Mexico Has to Offer 

Mexico is full of destinations you won’t find anywhere else in the world. For example: 

Mexico City: it’s a hub of constant activity where you can visit world-renowned museums like the National Museum of Anthropology and historic sites like the Zocalo and the Templo Mayor. In addition, its parks and markets will give you an authentic glimpse of local life. 

Playa del Carmen: This destination is perfect for those looking to relax on white sand beaches and enjoy the crystal clear water. It is also an excellent starting point to visit nearby islands such as Cozumel. 

Teotihuacan: Here you can walk among ancient pyramids and marvel at the architectural achievements of past civilizations. The pyramids of the Sun and the Moon are especially impressive. 

Things to do in Mexico 

1. Stroll through the Historic Center and discover its museums, the Templo Mayor and the beautiful buildings of the colonial era. 

2. Enjoy the views of Mexico City from high places like the Torre Latinoamericana, the dome of the Monument to the Revolution, the WTC or the terraces of Chapultepec Castle. 

3. Explore the Palace of Fine Arts, where you will find museums, murals and various exhibitions, and stroll through the Alameda, the oldest park in America. 

4. Have fun in Chapultepec with its parks, museums, lake, zoo and impressive castle. 

5. Enjoy a day of fashion and gastronomy in Polanco. On Avenida Masaryk, you will find boutiques, art galleries and top restaurants. 

6. Take a bike ride along Avenida Reforma, especially on Sundays when it is closed to traffic. 

7. Feel the hipster and gourmet atmosphere in the Roma and Condesa neighborhoods. Don’t miss its cafes, designer stores, museums, bazaars and restaurants. 

8. Go back in time visiting the neighborhood of Coyoacán, with its squares, restaurants, museums and the traditional streetcar. 

9. Discover the ancient canals of Xochimilco, enjoy a trajinera ride accompanied by music and typical food. 

10. Discover the liveliness of San Angel with its colorful plazas, markets, abundant flowers, elegant buildings, museums and the famous Saturday Bazaar. Also, stop at the Cerro de Tepeyac to experience the deep devotion Mexicans have for the Virgin of Guadalupe. 

11. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Ex Convento del Desierto de los Leones, a former monastery from the 17th century, located in a beautiful forest that invites exploration. 

Costs and Fees 

Traveling in Mexico can accommodate various financial plans. Expenses vary, from economical choices like staying in hostels and enjoying street food, to high-end options such as resorts and fine dining. On average, a daily budget could be around $50 USD for those sticking to simpler accommodations and meals, while those desiring more luxury and privacy might spend up to $200 USD per day. 

Travel Tips 

Planning a trip to Mexico can be exciting, and to help you make the most of your experience, here are some practical tips: 

Luggage Preparation 

Dress comfortably: The weather in Mexico can be quite varied, from intense heat to cool nights, especially if you are visiting mountainous areas. Bring clothes that you can layer as needed. 

Protect yourself from the sun: Don’t forget to bring a hat, sunglasses and a good sunscreen, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors. 

Health and Safety 

  • Stay hydrated: Drink enough water during the day, especially if you are in warm areas such as the beach or doing physical activities. 
  • Take care of your belongings: As in any popular tourist destination, it is always wise to keep an eye on your personal belongings and use safety deposit boxes at the hotel for valuables. 

Cultural Respect 

  • Learn the basics of the language: Knowing a few phrases in Spanish is not only useful, but also shows respect for the local culture. 
  • Be aware of local customs: Some areas may have specific rules about how to dress or behave, especially at sacred or historic sites. 

Financial Planning 

  • Budget for various expenses: Consider all possible expenses, from souvenirs and street food to attraction tickets and tips. 
  • Carry some cash: While in larger cities you can use credit cards without problems, in smaller places or local markets, cash is still king. 

Hotel Occidental Xcaret by Barceló: The Most Recommended Hotel 

If you’re looking for the perfect place to stay while exploring Mexico, Barceló’s Hotel Occidental Xcaret is an outstanding choice. Located in the Riviera Maya, this all-inclusive resort is right next to the famous Xcaret eco-archaeological park, allowing you easy access to a day full of adventure and culture.  

The hotel’s facilities are top-notch, offering multiple swimming pools, a world-class spa to unwind after an active day, and a selection of restaurants with delicious international and local culinary options. For more information about the hotel visit: 

Choosing where to stay in Mexico is crucial to enjoy and experience the best the country has to offer. With its rich cultural offerings, breathtaking destinations and diverse activities, Mexico is waiting for you. And if you’re looking for an unparalleled experience, consider Barceló’s Occidental Xcaret Hotel as your home away from home. 

Remember, the key to a memorable trip lies in exploration, adventure and, of course, a comfortable stay. 

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