Choosing a roof cargo box key pointersChoosing a roof cargo box key pointers

Roof cargo boxes nowadays have redefined the way we travel because they provide extra space for our belongings on the roof of vehicles. It is necessary to have a quality roof cargo box for family road trips, skiing or just need more room for your camping gear. 

There are just so many choices on the market that it sometimes gets really hard to find the one that is just right for you. This article lets you understand everything you need to know about the roof box for a car, which will help you make an informed decision and have an unforgettable travel experience.

Figure out what you need 

    Before searching for a roof luggage box, take a moment to rate what you want. Reflect on the size of your car, the type of equipment you will haul, and how often you will be using it. 

    Are you a weekend skier/snowboarder and need a place to keep your equipment between your trips? Do they need more storage for their luggage when they plan long trips? What you need to know will allow you to narrow down the options and thus make a better choice.

    Understand the types

      There are different brands and sizes of roof cargo boxes and each one meets various needs. Soft-shell cargo boxes are the best option for short trips because they are easy to attach and have better weather protection. 

      Conversely, soft-shell cargo bags are easy to carry around and don’t add much weight, for those who use them occasionally and do not have large cars. In the process of making a choice, think of how durable they will be, how well they will endure the weather and how convenient they are.

      Size matters

        When picking a rooftop cargo box, size is likely to be the most decisive factor for you. Make sure you have enough space on the top of your vehicle, and then carefully consider the box sizes. 

        The first consideration is the one that suits your cargo without overloading the car roof or blocking the driver’s vision. Consider the fact that a larger box might affect the car’s aerodynamics and its fuel economy, so choose wisely considering your requirement.

        Weight capacity and compatibility

          Ensure that the weight capacity of the roof box and your car’s roof rack are equal. Exceeding the weight limits negatively influences the safety of things as well as their stability, therefore, it is better to be safe than to risk. 

          In addition, consider how the cargo box is mounted and verify that it is compatible with the roof rack on your vehicle. Universal mounting systems are multi-functional but sometimes, they may need some extra fittings like adapters to fit tightly.

          Consider aerodynamics

            Aerodynamics has a huge impact on fuel economy and noise level when a car is operated with a roof cargo box. The shape of the vehicle should be aerodynamic with low wind resistance and drag. 

            Some types provide built-in fairings or shapes that develop gradually over time in order to help air flow, and reduce the noise level. With aerodynamic cargo boxes, not only you will save money on gas, but also driving will become more comfortable and quiet.

            Durability and weather-resistance

              To keep your equipment out of the weather, select a roof cargo box that is strong and doesn’t break easily. Select models made of solid materials e.g. 

              ABS plastic and fiberglass so that they are light but durable. The containers should have strong seals and locking systems to keep water and dirt out. Also, UV resistant coatings must be considered to prevent fading and breakage faster.

              Security features

                Among the most vital when travelling with expensive gear is safety. To ensure that robbers and thieves cannot access it, opt for roof cargo boxes equipped with strong latches that are additionally secured. 

                To complement this, some models come with added security features like locking systems that can be built in and methods that open from both sides. Don’t leave anything valuable where it can be seen. Try installing wire locks for extra safety.

                Ease of installation and access

                  Select a rooftop box that is easy to set up and get to, including if you have a plan of frequently loading and unloading. For the ease of use and the speed, quick mounting systems that don’t need any tools are better. 

                  Also, opt for models with openings on both sides and you can easily get to your tools from either side of the car. To hold the lid of your box up while you are loading and unloading it, you can consider putting gas struts or lid lifts.

                  Brand reputation and warranty

                    Consider the brand image and the warranty associated with the product you choose for your roof cargo box. Select brands that are widely recognized for their good customer service and excellent craftsmanship. 

                    Read the reviews and scores left by other users to get an overview of how accurate and workable different models are. In addition, the cargo box should have a warranty for issues related to the manufacturing process and quick wear.

                    In conclusion

                    For you to get the best rooftop cargo box, you must be smart enough and take into account your preferences, the specifications of your vehicle and the features you want. If you want to purchase the best gear for your activities, then you should think about what exactly you need, look into the types which are available, and make a list which includes the size, weight capacity, aerodynamics, durability, and safety of the gear. 

                    For peace of mind, you ought to choose a brand that has a good reputation and good warranty. When you have the appropriate roof box, you can travel knowing your stuff is safe, secure, and set for the road ahead.

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