List Of Best Online Invoicing Software for Musicians

Musicians need to work day and night to perfect their art. When you leave no stone unturned to amplify your entertainment quotient, so should your online invoicing software. 

Getting payments on time, error-free tax calculations, and simplified bookkeeping are a must if you are to focus solely on upskilling and managing your team. 

This blog will list out what can help you make the best possible invoice for musicians and the factors to keep in mind when purchasing a tool. 

1. Moon Invoice

One of the best online invoicing software, Moon Invoice is a boon for artists and musicians. With superlative invoicing, time tracking, and estimate generation features you can say goodbye to financial management woes. 

Get access to 15+ payment gateways, send out credit notes to your clients to settle payments faster, and leverage 66+ musician invoice templates to provide unimaginable custom experiences. If there is one tool that you can blindly rely on for all your invoicing needs, then it has to be Moon Invoice. 


Bronze Plan- 5.47 USD/Month

Silver Plan- 6.83 USD/Month

Gold Plan-  10.25 USD/Month

2. FreeAgent

From bill alerts to simplified invoicing, Free lets you stay on top of your finances, get access to in-depth reports, and manage a solid contact database. With customizable invoices, automated reminders, and notifications, and quick check-ins of business progress, you can fully focus on the next project and help your team upskill as financial woes are now a thing of the past. 


10 USD/month for the first 6 months and then 20 USD/month 

3. Quicken

Designed for artists and musicians, Quicken lets you manage your investments and budgets with ease. It offers excellent web and mobile app functionality. Moreover, you can manage all of your bills from a single dashboard. With high-grade security and encryption, you can be 2x sure that all your data is safe. Besides, you can easily manage your expenses by setting budget limits and classifying items. Last but not least, you can leverage its estimating tools and predict income for multiple related tasks. 


  • Simplifi: 24 USD for the first year and 47.88 USD afterward
  • Quicken Deluxe: 30 USD for the first year and 59.88 USD afterward
  • Quicken Premier: 42 USD for the first year and 83.88 USD afterward
  • Quicken Home & Business: 60 USD for the first year and 119.88 afterward

4. Bokio

Ideal for musicians, Bokio leverages AI to streamline your invoicing functions. It lets you monitor bill performance, capture receipts, record banking activities, get payment alerts, and get insights to improve business performance. Besides, you will get email alerts when an invoice is due, automated report assistance, and also when tax filing dates are near. 


Premium Plan- 25.23 USD/month 

5. Sunrise 

A cloud-based app, Sunrise lets you make the best invoice for musicians, file taxes, and say goodbye to manual work. With customizable invoices, online payment options, top-notch financial reporting, a dedicated client database, and hourly billing, you can manage your payments and spending. Thus, paving for a healthy cash flow and healthy finances. 


Self-Service- Free 

Starting- 99 USD/month 

Growing- 299 USD/month 

Corporate- 299 USD/month 

6. TopNotepad

TopNotepad offers a long list of tools for accounting, tax calculations, and invoice management. You can easily streamline budgets, collect payments, and reconcile financial records using TopNotepad’s features and functionality. Besides, it also offers time-tracking modules to help you nail deadlines one after the other. You can use its pre-filled templates to accelerate your quoting and invoicing process. Thus, leaving you time to concentrate on important tasks. 


Free trial and then 12.50 USD/month 

7. ART 

With simplified account reconciliation offered by ART, not only will you get advanced insights into your balance sheets, but you will also be able to leverage smooth bank reconciliations and enjoy interruption-free servers. Get access to knowledgeable customer care experts and a dedicated knowledge base to make the best out of the solution and focus on your art!



8. Hiveage

Hiveage is a unique tool designed for freelancers, musicians, and artists. You can use it to automate invoicing and migrate your entire accounting operations to a cloud database. Besides, you can use it to track business trips, keep an account of all transactions, receive payments in multiple currencies, and set up a system for calculating artist rates. The cherry on top is its mobile app that lets you stay on top of functions anytime anywhere. 


  • Free
  • Basic- 16 USD/month
  • Pro-25 USD/month
  • Plus- 42 USD/month

9. ZarMoney 

Apt for musicians and artists with zero financial knowledge, ZarMoney lets you boost productivity and reduce expenses with ease. You can generate, monitor, and submit bills in a few seconds, and even split orders at the drop of a hat. Lastly, you can monitor all project orders and statuses at once. Thus, leaving no room for errors. 


  • Entrepreneur- 15 USD/month 
  • Small Business- 20 USD/month
  • Enterprise- 350 USD/month

10. Artsystems Software

Designed for musicians, Artsystems lets you report and track all things related to your business on a single platform. You can easily monitor messages, and transactions, reduce the number of steps to make invoices, and enjoy seamless workflows. The icing on the cake is its amazing customer portal that lets you solve all software-related issues with ease. 


  • A5 Pro- 2,595 USD/year and 650 USD/per user additionally if monthly payments are made
  • A5 Studio- 1300 USD/year and 650 USD/per user additionally if monthly payments are made
  • A5 Pro- 1300 USD/year (Limited- for 1,000 works and 1,000 contacts)
  • A5 Studio Limited- 950 USD/ year(Limited- for 500 works and 500 contacts)

6 Things to Consider When Choosing Online Invoicing Software for Musicians 

Here are a few factors to consider when picking a music invoice tool. 

1. Ease of Use

An invoice for musicians must have all the details and should not be very difficult to make. Thus, you will need to select a tool that provides a simple interface and has a short learning curve. If a tool is not reducing your team and efforts it is not worth your investment. 

2. Budget 

An online invoicing software offering multiple benefits at affordable pricing is your ideal bet. Make sure you take a demo and look for solutions offering a free trial. Some vendors can customize solutions for you at a slightly higher price. Thus, keeping these suggestions in mind will let you finalize the right software for your music business. 

3. Security Features 

With data breaches as common as weather changes, a video production invoice tool must offer encrypted billing, multi-factor authentication, third-party credit card storage facilities, virtual private network (VPN) detection, and dedicated address verification systems. This will help you further on client trust and reputation, get faster payments, and build a solid lead pipeline. 

4. Personalization

Clients expect you to go above and beyond your promises. We are sure you must be doing that on the music front, allow us to help you extend the same to your invoicing operations. With customizable templates, digital signs, and in-built estimate generators.

5. Scalability 

As your business grows in size you will need additional functionalities to aid your billing needs. Thus, we suggest choosing a tool that works in tandem with your operations. A solution that offers multiple plans for small businesses and enterprises would be a perfect fit. 

6. Customer Support 

Software solutions can face hiccups due to multiple reasons. If your vendor doesn’t offer 24/7 customer support and quick resolutions, you need to pick another tool. Choose a solution that provides extensive demos, a dedicated knowledge base, and chatbots, along with a team that is there to solve your issues at the earliest. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you have a list of tools you can invest in and the right acumen, you can choose a solution that offers maximum benefits at the lowest prices. Streamlined operations, timely payments, and happy customers await you in the new year! 

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