Given our fast-paced world, finding the time to restore wood cabinets can be challenging. Fortunately, we have a few tips on how to streamline the process. Get ready to learn how to restore wood cabinets with tips from experts.

  1. Gather tools and materials to be sure you have everything you will need to complete your project.
  2. Remove cabinet doors and drawers. Go around the room in order, numbering all the doors and drawers.
  3. As you remove all hardware, place it in bags numbered to match the doors or drawers. You’ll thank me later.
  4. Inspect doors and drawers for damage. Set damaged items aside for restoration. This is where you decide if you need a professional to take over this project. A professional is the way to go if there is a lot of detailed woodwork, as they will have all the tools needed to restore wood cabinets.
  5. Clean all surfaces, including the walls. Even if you are not going to paint them, they still need to be cleaned with a degreaser such as Dawn dish soap. A few drops of Dawn and eight ounces of warm water will make an extremely effective cleaner to tackle grimy cabinets. A spray bottle is a convenient method of application. Spray cabinets and drawers, wait for one or two minutes, then clean with a damp rag.
  6. Make repairs to the damaged cabinets and drawers.
  7. To fill in damages, use a wood filler that matches as closely as possible, then sand those areas until smooth.
  8. Use masking tape to tape off molding and the interior of cabinets and drawers, then cover countertops, appliances, and the floor with a drop cloth.
  9. Sand all areas to be restored. No, you can not sand before you clean it because grime will gum up your sandpaper, and grime will get pushed further into areas to be painted, causing the paint not to adhere correctly.
  10. Apply primer to the cabinets and drawers. Paint in the direction of the grain for an aesthetically pleasing result.
  11. If anything needs caulking, this is the time to do it. Caulking tends to stick better to a primed surface than just bare wood.
  12. Allow twenty-four hours for the primer to dry before proceeding to the next step. While some people think you can apply paint even if the primer is still tacky, most professionals will give it the entire twenty-four hours to cure.
  13. Apply paint/stain to cabinet doors and drawers. Allow to dry for twenty-four hours.
  14. Restore cabinets and drawers with hand tools rather than power tools so screws do not get stripped.

As you can see, understanding how to make old wood cabinets look new is relatively easy as long as there are no special requirements and no structural damage. For example, suppose you live in a building on the historical society’s list of historical sites. In that case, you will need to get permission to renovate. Regarding structural problems, the most common would be making a new door that matches the old one perfectly. Unless you have a woodworking shop, you might have to have a professional do the renovation. Other than these complications, the most significant considerations are time and experience.

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