How to Keep Your Truck in Order

Congratulations! You bought your first truck. You might have bought a truck to increase your fleet. Whatever the case is, you must know that trucking is a massive responsibility. One crucial part of your responsibility is to keep your truck in the best order. 

Now, you don’t necessarily have to take your truck to the mechanic every day. 

We recommend understanding the basics of truck maintenance. 

Here is what to know: 

Assess the Fluid Levels

 Check the truck’s fluid levels every day. You will want to assess the following:

  • Engine oil
  • Coolant
  • Transmission fluids
  • Brake fluids
  • Power steering fluids
  • Other under hood fluids

It only takes a few minutes. By doing this every day, you can prevent major issues. If you ever get into an accident, make sure to have one of the best trucking accident law firms by your side. 

Nonetheless, these few minutes of inspection are absolutely worth it. So, make sure to never skip this first important step. 

Check the Miles

Once you start driving the truck, you will want to change the fluids based on the miles you drive. However, the frequency of changing the fluids also depends on the following factors: 

  • The loads your truck carries
  • The terrains you drive your truck on
  • The traffic level
  • The type of cargo you carry

You can also ask the truck manufacturers for the frequency of changing fluids. The worst thing you can do is to try saving a few bucks and not changing fluids then needed. You might save some money right now, but you might incur more costs in the long run to repair your truck and get it back on the roads. 

Inspect the Tires

Another thing that you want to do every morning is to inspect the tires of your truck. You might have owned a car before, and you might not have paid sufficient attention to inspecting the tires then. However, now, as a trucker, you will want to be more mindful than ever. You will want to check and inspect the tires regularly.

The tires of your trucks are the crucial point of contact with the road. This is the primary reason why you want the tires inflated properly. Also, make sure to rotate the tires regularly. You will want to ensure that all tires experience the same level of wear and tear. This way, you can ensure safe truck rides. 

Assess the Brake

After you have checked your tires and ensured their condition, you will want to inspect the brakes. You know that it can be incredibly dangerous on the roads without brakes. Also, if you are driving the truck in harsh weather conditions, make sure to inspect the brakes. 

Watch out for the following signs:

  • Soft brake pedal
  • Vibration when you brake
  • Strange noises when you brake
  • Leakage of brake fluids
  • Warning lights turn on
  • Unstable pedal

The best thing to do is to take your truck to the truck mechanic. Trucking is a responsibility, and you want to own it. 

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