What is up, football fans? Tired of not getting better at your favourite game despite trying everything? This FC 24 guide is for you.

Getting stuck when it comes to improving and hitting a skill ceiling is definitely one of the worst feelings for any gamer out there. I can understand the frustration of not getting better at the game and doubting yourself, but, worry not, there is no such limit when it comes to getting better at any game.

All you need is a proper path that can teach you the easiest way to improve your gameplay at FC 24. In this guide, we bring you exactly that. I will talk about the most important things you need to get right to quickly improve at the game.

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Getting your basics right

Number one, we have to get your basics right. It doesn’t matter how much you train or how long you play the game; if you do not have strong foundations, there is no new improvement in the game.

What are the basics of FC 24? Fundamentals like passing, dribbling, shooting, defending, and attacking all come under the basic mechanics of any football game.

If you master these basics, learning much more complex stuff will get easier in the future. Ignoring these mechanics and focusing on advanced playstyles will hinder your performance.

Consistent training and a proper routine

Even though most players overlook this, it goes without saying that in order to get better at any game, you must practice it consistently.

The keyword here is “consistent.” Practicing once in a while and practicing consistently are entirely different. You must make a routine for this and consistently follow it.

If you’re really serious about getting better at FC 24, I recommend you take some time out of your day and focus on following the routine for a good amount of time. Keep in mind that sticking to a proper routine instead of experimenting with various other things is also important when it comes to getting better.

Watching pros and your own gameplay

Watching the pros play is one of the simplest yet effective ways to improve at this game. Observing their tactics, strategies, and gameplay will teach you a lot.

You can also watch their FIFA guides on YouTube and other platforms. Another most effective way, and my personal favourite, is called VOD reviewing.

Record your own gameplay and watch it; you will find so many mistakes and missed opportunities in your gameplay. It is difficult to notice these mistakes while playing; however, if you record your game and watch it later with a calm mind, you will notice where you need to improve.

These are the most important things you must focus on to get better at FC 24. Make sure to check out U7BUY, a Trusted Site when it comes to “EA FC 24”-related guides and content.

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