One of the reasons why Honkai: Star Rail is touted to be “much better” than Genshin Impact, even though it was made by the same company – is due to having a better story, characters – but also because it has a bigger, more realized end-game. One of these end-game activities is the rogue-like Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe which resets weekly, unlike Genshins Spiral Abyss which resets every two weeks. It’s an end-game activity, so expect it to be hard. Click  to boost your account and make it that much easier, though.

We’ll go over some of the basics of the Honkai:Star Rail Simulated Universe in this guide.

How to Unlock Honkai Star Rail simulated Universe?

Newer players might be confused as to what this is, but fret not – it doesn’t take long to unlock the Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe and its subsequent worlds, of which there are 9 currently with the release of update 2.1.

You’ll unlock part of the Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe through the first few tutorial missions in the Honkai Star Rail “Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow” trailblaze mission, but you’ll unlock full functionality after you reach the Undercity area of Jarilo IV through the story. That’s when Herta will ask you to complete “Closed Beta Test 2” of Simulated Universe and then you’ll be free to start doing it whenever you like.

Honkai Star Rail simulated Universe Rewards

Firstly – In Honkai Star Rail simulated Universe which is so fun on its own that even if it didn’t have any rewards, the majority of the playerbase would still probably play it. However, as it stands – it offers some really amazing items through Herta’s Store:

  • 4 different Lightcones that are really good 5-star options for F2P. Each of these require 8 Herta Bonds
  • Superimposer (Custom-Made) – these are used to Superimpose the lightcones you get from Herta. You can buy 16, so 4 for each Lightcone, and each costs 2 for a total of 32.
  • Star Rail Passes – while the lightcones and superimposers are one-time purchase only, the Star Rail Passes are infinite and cost 2 Herta Bonds for each.

That’s not all, though – Each week you can accrue 3500-14000 points (depending on your Equilibrium level) through completing worlds, and depending on how many points you get in a week, you can earn a lot of different, amazing rewards as well.

What you do in Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe

As already described, the Simulated Universe is a rogue-like/lite mode that allows you to make a team on your own, then explore one of the Worlds which contains a ton of difficult combat challenges for you to overcome. However, there are Blessings, which are randomized Upgrades you can get, among other things that will help you progress through these challenges. These Blessings, as well as the overall upgrade/talent tree specific to Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe are the main ways you’ll get stronger in order to overcome stronger, more powerful foes and worlds.

You can choose to build your team according to specific blessings, such as focusing on Shield-bonuses or Follow-Up attacks, or you can use a variety of different blessings in order to create a coherent build. You can also summon additional units during the challenge that will allow you more flexibility with your team-building and options.


While this was just a basic introduction to Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe, you should be able to gleam from it that it is a really fun mode with a lot of benefits for doing it each week. It’s one of the main pillars of why HSR is so popular, and we think that Genshin needs to add something similar to it in order to boost its popularity and end-game content.

If you’re struggling with Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe or don’t want to play through the story to get to it, you can always buy strong Honkai Star Rail accounts that already have access to it or have really strong teams that can (trail)blaze through Herta’s little program.

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