Marketing is a driving force behind the success of many companies across various industries, and more and more business owners are recognizing its power. According to the market research firm Statista, companies are continually increasing their marketing expenditures, with the annual budget in the US alone skyrocketing from $15.31 billion in 2020 to $27.11 billion in 2024. Meanwhile, Deloitte estimated that companies spent nearly 13.6% of their entire budget on marketing in 2023.
Is there any way to optimize marketing strategy without such considerable investments? Learn how the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan can help you achieve this.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 comprehensive business suite encompasses applications that together create an ultimate ERP and CRM solution. The CRM part of this software is represented by the Customer Engagement Plan, which integrates several crucial services for marketing, sales, customer service, project service automation, and field service.

The marketing solution specifically provides functionality for personalizing customer experiences, automating marketing processes, and measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Meanwhile, the Sales application facilitates lead prioritization and streamlines the overall sales process.

Advanced marketing capabilities of the D365 Customer Engagement Plan

The marketing features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Engagement Plan leverage automation and artificial intelligence, which can revolutionize the marketing process at any company. Below are some of the most noteworthy marketing capabilities of this CRM system:

  •  Enhanced lead management translating into improved conversion through automated personalized campaigns;
  •  Simplified email editing with a powerful and user-friendly toolbar for simplified email composing and easy preview of email templates;
  •  Streamlined campaign management covering all related tasks such as planning, launching, and monitoring the performance of marketing campaigns across diverse channels, including social media and emails;
  •  AI predictions for customer intent, which improve decision-making for lead nurturing and channel selection;
  •  Boosted customer loyalty due to interactive maps capable of analyzing trends for effective planning of complex, multi-step marketing strategies that utilize several channels.

Strategies leveraging marketing features of the D365 Customer Engagement Plan

The powerful functionalities of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan discussed earlier can be incorporated into diverse marketing strategies. Some of these applications are described below.

Automated campaign management

The CRM system from Microsoft is equipped with robust automation that can be adopted for email marketing, event management, and social media workflows. Furthermore, this software supports the visualization and automation of customer journeys, helping marketing teams create more personalized experiences.

With these functionalities, companies can focus on designing advanced multi-channel campaigns, while repetitive tasks, including publishing social media posts and sending emails, will be automated by the D365 Customer Engagement Plan.

Advanced Customer Analysis

Targeted marketing campaigns can significantly benefit from customer segmentation, which categorizes customers into different groups based on various criteria such as demographics or purchase history. This task can be simplified by applying the powerful customer data aggregator and segment builder capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan. Accurate customer segmentation can then be utilized to create effective personalized marketing campaigns.

Moving leads through the sales funnel

As mentioned earlier, the D365 Customer Engagement Plan also provides sales functionality, helping companies monitor their leads and manage them from capture to conversion. The sales software enables robust lead scoring, which helps estimate their interest and engagement. With these tools, sales teams can streamline their resource allocation by prioritizing leads most likely to convert. Furthermore, these features support the creation of more efficient nurturing campaigns for leads.

Comprehensive event management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan helps marketing teams optimize their events by allowing them to plan, execute, and analyze all within the same platform.

Additionally, companies can seamlessly integrate their CRM system with webinar services, further simplifying event management. The marketing tools incorporated into the CRM system simplify event promotion, which can also be organized through targeted marketing campaigns. Finally, to maximize the impact of events and boost interactions with attendees, companies can leverage automated follow-up communications.

Powerful analytics

Every strategy requires proper analysis to identify its strengths and weaknesses and assess the overall potential for the return on investment (ROI). Such marketing analytics tasks can be easily performed with the dedicated functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan. With it, you can get a 360-degree view of marketing campaign performance reported in real time and calculate the ROI to understand which marketing campaigns are more effective. This analytics can then be harnessed for campaign optimizations.

Building a Robust Marketing Strategy with D365 Customer Engagement Plan

D365 Customer Engagement Plan is the single solution your company needs to understand its customers better, tailor its offers and marketing campaigns more effectively, and ultimately enjoy greater revenue. In addition to rich functionality, this CRM system also incorporates automation for various tasks and leverages AI, which is particularly powerful for revealing hidden trends and patterns.

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