How to Play Connections NYT


You’re in the right place if you’ve ever wondered how to tackle the engaging puzzle game NYT Connections. This article will guide you through the rules and strategies needed to master this intriguing word-based challenge from The New York Times.

Understanding the Game

The premise of NYT Connections is straightforward yet stimulating. Your task is to arrange 16 words, displayed on a grid, into four distinct groups of four words each. The catch? Each group shares a hidden connection that you must decipher.

Gameplay Basics

To kick off, carefully examine the 16 words on the grid. These words cover a wide range, from nouns to verbs and everything in between. The key is to spot relationships among the words. This can involve shared meanings (like synonyms or antonyms), common categories (such as countries or colors), or some other logical link that binds them.

How to Play Connections NYT

    Making Your Choices

    Next, select four words that you believe are connected. Click on these chosen words and then hit “Submit” to lock in your choice. If your selection is spot-on, those words will be grouped, and a colored bar will appear to indicate the difficulty level (yellow for more accessible connections, purple for more challenging ones).

    Winning the Game

    Your ultimate goal is to form all four groups with correct connections successfully. Remember that you have four chances to make mistakes, so choose wisely and strategically.

    Helpful Tips

    • Avoid assuming the obvious; this game is all about surprises.
    • Seek out synonyms, antonyms, or thematic similarities between words.
    • Use the process of elimination to your advantage. If you’re confident about a word’s group, use that as a guide for others.

    Advanced Strategies

    Online resources like Rock Paper Shotgun offer past puzzles and solutions for those seeking an extra edge. These can be invaluable in refining your approach and sharpening your skills for future games.

    How to Play Connections NYT

    Where to Play

    You can access NYT Connections on The New York Times website or through their app. It’s easily accessible whether you prefer desktop or mobile gaming.


    In conclusion, mastering NYT Connections requires keen observation, logical thinking, and a willingness to embrace unexpected connections. With practice and the right strategies, you’ll soon find yourself breezing through grids and unraveling the hidden ties between words. So, dive in and start connecting those dots!

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