Big 12 Expansion: What Lies Ahead?

The landscape of college athletics is constantly evolving, and the Big 12 conference finds itself at the forefront of change. With recent additions and talks of further expansion, there’s much to unpack regarding the future of this prestigious conference.

Recent Expansion (2024)

In a bold move, the Big 12 welcomed four new schools in 2024: the Arizona Wildcats, Arizona State Sun Devils, Colorado Buffaloes, and Utah Utes—this strategic decision aimed to bolster the conference competitively and geographically, positioning it for future success.

Future Expansion Talks

Big 12 Commissioner Brett Yormark has signaled a willingness to continue expanding, acknowledging the need to narrow the gap with powerhouse conferences like the Big Ten and SEC. While no concrete announcements have been made, discussions regarding potential additions are underway.

Potential Candidates for Expansion

The pool of potential candidates for Big 12 expansion is diverse. While schools from Power Five Conferences may face hurdles due to existing affiliations and financial penalties, those from Group of Five Conferences present more viable options. Names like Cincinnati and BYU often surface in these discussions.

Factors Influencing Expansion Decisions

Several factors weigh heavily in the Big 12’s expansion deliberations. Market size and television viewership are significant considerations, as tapping into new media markets can yield financial gains. Additionally, the conference values athletic competitiveness and may prioritize schools with vital sports programs.

Academic standing also plays a role in expansion decisions, as the Big 12 seeks to align itself with institutions of high repute. Furthermore, logistical concerns such as travel arrangements for athletes and fans are carefully evaluated to ensure smooth operations.

Strategic Planning for the Future

Looking ahead, the Big 12 is poised to explore further expansion opportunities. The specific schools targeted will be chosen with meticulous consideration, taking into account a multitude of factors to enhance the conference’s stature in college athletics.


In conclusion, the Big 12 expansion saga is a dynamic process fueled by ambition and strategic foresight. As the conference navigates the ever-changing landscape of collegiate sports, it remains steadfast in its commitment to growth and excellence. With each new addition, the Big 12 solidifies its position as a powerhouse in the realm of college athletics, poised to shape the future of the sport for years to come.

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