Running a service desk can get really hectic especially if you’re working for a large international company. Hundreds of tickets pile up every day, most of which require your immediate attention. Luckily, by using tricks mentioned in this article, you can streamline your process, improve performance of your staff, and achieve better results!  

1.    Create a Tiered Help Desk

Tiered help desks are an ideal solution for companies that get all sorts of inquiries. Through tiers, you can categorize all questions based on their complexity, making it easier to assign tickets based on employees’ level of proficiency.

The tiered help desk ensures that all inquiries are resolved as efficiently as possible. Newer staff members can tackle questions that are more suitable for their knowledge, while veterans can handle tougher inquires, thus eliminating potential bottlenecks and back-and-forth. Among other things, this methodology will allow businesses to reduce their costs and maximize available resources.

2.    Use Omnichannel Support

The best way to increase the efficiency of your help desk is by providing customized solutions to users. Most notably, you should allow your clients to reach out to the company at any time and through any channel they want. Whether we’re talking about phone, email, social media, or website, your users should be able to easily connect with the help desk.

Of course, the main reason to use an omnichannel approach is to increase user satisfaction. Introducing multiple channels also increases service speed and quality while boosting engagement. By using this method, you can ensure that your clients are much happier and more loyal to the brand.

3.    Introduce Self-Service

Using self-service can provide benefits to both your company and clients. Your customers will be happy to know they don’t have to wait for call center staff to get answers to their questions. Self-service encourages users to browse through your knowledge base, which makes them feel empowered and in charge.

Self-service shines for simpler queries that don’t really need immediate assistance. With it, your staff will receive much fewer tickets, allowing them to focus on complex inquiries. To get the most out of this trick, you’ll need to put your knowledge base, service catalogs, and FAQs to users’ disposal.

4.    Use Gamification

Like for many other departments and business tasks, gamification makes the entire process much more interesting to users and employees. Your staff, in particular, will have fun with this concept, pushing them forward during their day-to-day duties. Besides improving productivity, gamification will also boost competitive spirit between your team members.

You can explore various options in this particular case. For example, you can give out points for resolved tickets and create a leaderboard. Alternatively, you can give your employees badges once they reach certain thresholds or acquire new skills. If you wish to gain even more value from gamification, you might consider pairing it up with real-world rewards.

5.    Create an Operating Procedure

Operating procedure brings order to chaos; it establishes rules that all employees need to abide by during their daily routine. Your employees should have access to these documents at all times, so they can double-check whether they’re doing everything the right way.

Besides assisting your team, standard operating procedures reduce the chance of errors, increase consistency across the board, and increase overall effectiveness. Your employees can even use these documents as training material to get them through the basics. Like other documents, your standard operating procedures should be updated periodically.

6.    Implement Metrics

Metrics are a necessary ingredient of an efficient call center. Managers need to monitor the performance of their team to establish who is slacking and how to help underperforming employees. Among other things, you can track the number of tickets resolved per team member, time to resolution, first response time, and customer satisfaction rates.

To get the best understanding of metrics, you need to use them over a prolonged period. When assessing them, you should also take into account any organizational or procedural changes that might’ve inflated or deflated these numbers.

7.    Use Feedback

Client feedback will always provide certain insights that you can’t acquire otherwise. Your customers are usually the harshest critics and will tell you right away what’s wrong with your call center and how you can make things better. While isolated feedback shouldn’t be that relevant, receiving the same feedback over and over again can indicate a serious problem.

Managers can learn more about their teams’ performance by using traditional feedback forms, surveys, or even interactive scoring systems. We suggest using several methods concurrently to make things easier for users and ensure higher response rates.

8.    Streamline with Automation

Automation is something that can boost team’s productivity tenfold. You can use modern AI solutions to streamline procedures that previously required manual intervention. With an effective workflow, you can eliminate any confusion within the team ensuring that each employee tackles tickets according to their expertise.  

There are numerous benefits of AI-powered service desk. The first and most important one is the boost in productivity. As such, AI solutions can save you a lot of money while also reducing errors and any form of redundancy.

9.    Prioritize Issues

It’s no secret that different issues require different attention. Smaller problems can be resolved in a few minutes and almost anyone on your team can resolve them. However, the issue comes with more complex inquiries. These might take several days, and a specialist on deck.

When tackling these problems, you need to know who you’re helping. As rough as it might sound, you need to give priority to higher-paying clients as well as recurring buyers. Your employees should mark different tickets based on priority, categorizing them from low to high.

Last Thoughts

Long-term planning is key to an efficient service desk. You need to think ahead of time by employing the best talent and creating comprehensive company documents. Advanced AI technology will also be a difference-maker, allowing you to streamline daily procedures. To make things even better, we suggest you conduct continuous surveys and use clients’ feedback to your advantage. 

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