10 Reasons To Entrust Your IT Management to An MSP

An MSP (Managed Service Provider) is an IT service provider that manages business IT systems and networks remotely and on-site in a proactive, automatic, and flat-rate manner. Essential Network Technologies, a company based on managed services offers this type of service to its customers. Let’s discover the benefits of benefiting from the services of an MSP.

1) A team with well-identified profiles

By trusting an MSP to manage your IT service, you allow yourself to work with qualified staff who are experts in their field. Different players and expert profiles take care of your IT system to make its management optimal.

Its monitoring and security are brought to a very high level of performance. Among these players, we find a business development manager, a part-time CIO (Information System Director), a pre-sales project manager, and a remote assistance expert like Essential Network Technologies. The activity of all these players allows optimum management of your IT system.

2) Culture of the indicator

An MSP places great importance on encrypted data. They are essential to very quickly identify the results obtained following the actions carried out, but also to be able to prevent risks. These experts therefore put in place numerous indicators.

Their objective is to measure customer satisfaction and always optimize the performance of the systems in place. Numerous analyses are carried out. They make it possible to reduce action times, and to anticipate and act before a problem arises.

3) Up-to-date documentation

It is sometimes complicated to have up-to-date files or analyses. However, they are essential for the good management and monitoring of your company’s activity. Their achievements take time and can be complex. A managed IT service provider allows you, thanks to the automation created, to have formalized IT documentation up to date in real-time. Deliverable at any time, your documents are guaranteed in the event of the departure of an employee.

4) Proposal of additional services

Following the study of your current IT system, and the implementation of initial actions aimed at improving its performance, an MSP can offer you additional services. Their objective is to provide you with tools and solutions to improve your working conditions.

These may include tools allowing better collaboration between your employees or allowing the management of your server, hosting, and telephony infrastructures. If it is identified that your company faces mobility, tools adapted to this scenario can be considered. These could be telecom links or collaborative tools such as Office 365. All with the aim of improving your employees’ accessibility to data outside of your company location.

5) Standardization

An MSP makes it easier to carry out tasks that were previously done manually, thanks to automation. These actions, which could be time-consuming or complex, are now outsourced and standardized.

6) Automation

An MSP manages your IT systems in an automated manner. By creating different scenarios, and imagining in advance the problems you could encounter in the future, they put in place solutions in advance to respond to them. This saves time. Let’s take the example of software updating.

By acting proactively, you anticipate the dates of upcoming updates to your software and schedule them in advance at a time when you are not working. This avoids wasting time unnecessarily and you can always be assured of benefiting from the latest versions.

7) Proactivity rather than reactivity

Choosing proactivity over reactivity is one of the main characteristics of defining an MSP. By being proactive, he anticipates future situations. The client company therefore never has to suffer the consequences of the breakdown of an IT tool.

Everything will have been planned before she intervenes. Its activity will therefore not be disrupted. This approach requires particular attention and medium or long-term framing of your actions. Thanks to this, you have much more effective control of your activity.

8) Package of the service

Another particularity relating to MSPs: A flat-rate service only. By entrusting the management of your IT assets and systems to an MSP, you have no surprises on the quote or invoice. You select an offer that includes a set of defined services and you pay the same amount per user each month. Generally, the service includes advice, prevention, exploitation as well as assistance.

9) Outsourcing

By entrusting the management of your IT system to an MSP service provider, you are outsourcing a task that is not part of your core business. You can therefore devote yourself only to carrying out activities for which you are competent and which particularly affect your activity. In addition to this, you are guaranteed to benefit from very qualitative IT management.

Experts in the field monitor you and offer you ever more efficient solutions and tools. The other advantage of using an MSP is that you only have to deal with a single contact for everything relating to the management of your IT. As soon as you encounter an IT problem, an expert of Essential Network Technologies provider is there to resolve it.

10) Security Guarantee

An MSP provider guarantees the security of your IT system. Thanks to it, your data is saved reliably. This characteristic is very important when we know that today the majority of companies are faced with data loss. You can therefore find your data at any time. They are also secure against hacking by the protection of a ransomware antivirus but also by the application of strict security procedures.

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